Dreamer, Original Art by Yours Truly! for

I call her 'Dreamer'. The original is mounted on canvas and having on the wall in my bedroom.  I find something very soothing about her. I've made her available to order as a poster or a pillow through my online shop (just trying it out) on Shopify, via and app called Printful that prints up... Continue Reading →

Dalai Lama Smile, Original art by yours truly!

So I'm trying out this online store thing.  I'm quite skeptical but I figure it cannot hurt to try.  I want to get my art out into the world and I want more time to create art. So I am using a Shopify store and an app called Printful to upload pictures of my artwork... Continue Reading →

Tumeric For Perfect Popcorn. You’ll be hooked.

I add turmeric to my popcorn for flavor and the extra health benefits. Here is my recipe for perfect popcorn: Popcorn is easy peasy, but there re ways to get it wrong and ways to make it all the more better. Rule # 1... Pop it yourself and NEVER use a microwave! Popcorn is so easy... Continue Reading →

Essential Lentil Recipe

   When you think of Spanish cuisine you don’t think of lentils!   When you go to a Spanish restaurant you don’t see lentils on the menu.  However, if you have ever lived or spent a significant amount of time in Spain one thing you’ve learned is that lentils are indeed the real (albeit undeclared )... Continue Reading →

Juice Fasting. My experience.

There is so much said these days about juicing, good and bad!  I made the decision to try it out after quite a bit of research.  I knew what I was signing up for.  I took it easy and I layed low.  I did 2 weeks.  I was not easy,  but I loved it and... Continue Reading →

Perfect Chicken Soup

The story is: I knew I was getting sick- I had chills, was feeling weak, and it was my turn, it seemed like a everyone else around me had fallen ill but me.  I live alone and I don't like being a burden to my friends so this was my game plan:  Make soup, get in... Continue Reading →

Chilled Chocolate Soup—EASY!

I am really so very happy to share with you my  Chilled Chocolate Soup Recipe.  Its simple, light on the sugar and satiates any appetence for a dessert bearing the beloved cacao.   I know I need not go on about the sacredness of chocolate, for if thou art a chocolate lover, than thou understands.... Continue Reading →

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