Happy Pig Tea Towels

The best Christmas gift ever! Give all your family and friends a limited edition, 100% linen tea towel featuring an original black and white printed photo of a very happy pig from Mallorca. Happy Pig Tea Towel Limited edition100% linen.10.00 €Click here to purchase.


I was inspired...#AOC #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #women #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #girlboss #womenincongress #decentmen #womenruletheworld #equalrights #genderequality https://soundcloud.com/kristy-brooks/aoc-remix-mic-drop AOC Remix. Mic Drop! ★

How to make you holiday more eco-friendly. Help us keep Mallorca clean. Please!

I love the word 'eco-tourism'.   It combines both two concepts I very much love, travel and love of the Earth.  And don't they go hand in hand? We love to travel because we love to see more of the earth we love.  The Earth is beautiful because of all it different eco-systems and thanks... Continue Reading →

Films Without Borders -Berlin

Last September I was very lucky to have been invited to the Films Without Borders festival in Berlin.  Actually, the festival is located it a charming lakeside village called Bad Saarow, well outside of the metropolis.  Berlin, from what I understand, is a sort of a Mecca for film festivals, and although this one is... Continue Reading →

Adopt a Snail! Name it in the honor of a loved-one.

There are a countless number of snails here in the far eastern part of Mallorca, Spain, also known as Mallorca Llevant.  The poor things are everywhere constantly searching for food and company, and all too often finding a terrible fate.  They are a delicacy here in Mallorca, as they are quite delicious, so every year thousands end... Continue Reading →

Pajitas de papel para Mallorca 2018!

Atención Restaurantes y bares en Mallorca! ¡Esta temporada turística ha comenzado y este año intentemos hacer las cosas de manera diferente! Más amable con el medio ambiente, por ejemplo! Hace poco tuve una conversación con el dueño de un restaurante en Santa Catalina sobre su problema con la paja de plástico. Sí, es una problema.... Continue Reading →

Leonardo DiCaprio Portrait

I recently painted this portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio.  I found an ad from a magazine and it was dark and sort of haunting so I added color and fun.  The apple just wanted to be there. Kind of like a cherry on top of an ice cream Sunday.   ESP: Recientemente pinté este retrato de... Continue Reading →

Dreamer, Original Art by Yours Truly! for

I call her 'Dreamer'. The original is mounted on canvas and having on the wall in my bedroom.  I find something very soothing about her. I've made her available to order as a poster or a pillow through my online shop (just trying it out) on Shopify, via and app called Printful that prints up... Continue Reading →

Dalai Lama Smile, Original art by yours truly!

So I'm trying out this online store thing.  I'm quite skeptical but I figure it cannot hurt to try.  I want to get my art out into the world and I want more time to create art. So I am using a Shopify store and an app called Printful to upload pictures of my artwork... Continue Reading →

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