The Yank & The Limey Podcast

Acclaimed British author Laura Lockington and American artist and sommelier Kristy Brooks discuss their weekly wine and literature picks, and marvel at the sometimes clashing viewpoints of their respective cultures. From Laura's kitchen in the small village of Artá, Mallorca they include tidbits, stories and other whimsical whatnots.

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Happy Pig Tea Towels

The best Christmas gift ever! Give all your family and friends a limited edition, 100% linen tea towel featuring an original black and white printed photo of a very happy pig from Mallorca. Happy Pig Tea Towel Limited edition100% linen.10.00 €Click here to purchase.


I was inspired...#AOC #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #women #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #girlboss #womenincongress #decentmen #womenruletheworld #equalrights #genderequality AOC Remix. Mic Drop! ★

Thinking Big. What is Ecological Economics ?

I'd like to share with you Long Talks in the Woods, an exploration of key concepts in ecological economics. How an understanding of what the economy is affects how we study, change, and engage with well-being, justice, and human futurity on a liveable planet. A sincere thanks to Shaun Sellars, who has dedicated several years... Continue Reading →

A Vineyard in Paradise- Conde de SUYROT

Late June 2020 I finally got to visit the bodega and vineyard Conde de Suyrot, nestled between the Massís d’Artà and the Mediterranean Sea. My visit, initially planned on March 17th - the very same day that the Spanish Government declared a nationwide lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic- was inevitably postponed. But very much... Continue Reading →

Balearic-inspired Posters- Original art and Black & White photos- Now available online…

If you are a lover of mediterranean inspired original artwork and black & white photography that is both affordable and printed on recycled paper, have a look here. The photos you'll find here have an old world nostalgic feel that inspire comfort and evoke the sense of happiness and gratitude for simplicity. Kristy's artwork has... Continue Reading →

The Pig Slaughter, An Annual Tradition in Mallorca

She was 220 kilos (485 pounds). She was black and white (and pink) and huge.  She met her fate on a chilly morning in the middle of January in the back yard of Maria and Willy’s house in rural Mallorca, not 1 kilometer from the village of Artá.  I never met her, but I am... Continue Reading →

How to make you holiday more eco-friendly. Help us keep Mallorca clean. Please!

I love the word 'eco-tourism'.   It combines both two concepts I very much love, travel and love of the Earth.  And don't they go hand in hand? We love to travel because we love to see more of the earth we love.  The Earth is beautiful because of all it different eco-systems and thanks... Continue Reading →

Where to Eat in Artá, Mallorca

Hi everyone!  I've decided to list my preferred and recommended  restaurants in Artá because people are always asking.   We are really lucky here in Mallorca to have an abundance and variety of good fresh veggies all year round, not to mention an array of  local meats and cheeses, and fresh local fish. Now, there... Continue Reading →

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