The Yank & The Limey Podcast

The Giving Trees The Yank & The Limey

Talking to best selling author Sarah Rayner (One Moment, One Morning) about her truly gorgeous Mums memoir No More Tigers by Mary Rayner (who will sign it for you from and… we’ve had flu jabs! (The Limey was stoic The Yank less so).  What was your favourite kids book? (the Yank’s is quite sad) …. and Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash (the story behind it!) a book and a wine but we’re a bit meh about them both so far…Support the show (
  1. The Giving Trees
  2. What Did I Sign?
  3. What if she had said no?
  4. #Proudwomen Standby
  5. 42

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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