Balearic-inspired Posters- Original art and Black & White photos- Now available online…

If you are a lover of mediterranean inspired original artwork and black & white photography that is both affordable and printed on recycled paper, have a look here.

The photos you’ll find here have an old world nostalgic feel that inspire comfort and evoke the sense of happiness and gratitude for simplicity.

Kristy’s artwork has an ethereal sense to it and the that reflect a sense of freedom and abundance found in the natural world. Her portraits are a visual ode to the musings and mysteries within the faces of colorful characters.

Every print will be autographed – feel free to ask for a personalized notation on the revers side.

Scroll on down and pick your favorites!

The size is 45cm x 32 cm- slightly larger than A3.

*They will be sent through the mail in a tube directly to you, shipping costs will vary depending on where you are.

*include shipping costs
Shipping to UK + 7 USD.
Shipping to EU + 7 USD.
Shipping to USA + 10.
For shipping to other parts of the world please contact us.

Bodega. Mallorca

Red wine again peacefully in oak- maybe a good gift for anyone who is aging?


Vino, Mallorca

A minimalistic photo that reminisces of old world wine and its simple grandeur. This one is great for a dining room or kitchen.


Olivas Negras, Caimari Mallorca

The beauty of olives hand harvested right here in Mallorca, the way they've been doing it for generations.


Cosecha de Olivas, Mallorca

A striking and attractive glimpse of the annual olive harvest.



Did you know that that olive trees can live to be a millennia? This one is probably around 600 years old. Still producing olives.


Porc, Artá Mallorca

Does this happy pig even need a description?



Precious goats grazing near an olive tree in the winter sunshine. Truly peaceful.



Almond blossoms in the winter eliciting the promise of a bountiful year.


Sant Salvador, Artá

The ramparts of the fortress in Artá Mallorca against glowing clouds, pierced by shadows of the cypress trees.


Orientes, by Kristy Brooks

Inspired by the swifts that grace us with their presence every spring.


Peix, Artá Mallorca

Give a mad a fish and he'll eat for a day, give him a painting of fish and he'll be joyful every time he sees it. 🙂



A visual ode to the glorious tune of the songbirds.



Two handsome cockerels strolling across a meadow of poppies and wildflowers.


Wine Lady

Kristy's personal favorite.


Dalai Lama

It's all about that smile.







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