Where to Eat in Artá, Mallorca

Hi everyone!  I’ve decided to list my preferred and recommended  restaurants in Artá because people are always asking.   We are really lucky here in Mallorca to have an abundance and variety of good fresh veggies all year round, not to mention an array of  local meats and cheeses, and fresh local fish.


Now, there are a lot of restaurants in this area and I have not been to them all. If I could afford to eat out every weekend I certainly would.    Its easy to get into the habit of going to the ones you know and love, that are easy to meet up with friends, so these are the restaurants I will list.  If any of you would like my opinion about and other certain restaurants in the area, please let me know, I am always happy to reply to a comment or even make a blog post out of it.

When my clients ask me, I usually recommend these 6 restaurants near the center of Artá:

  1. A local favorite.  For fresh, delicious and interesting Mallorquin cuisine, a great wine selection, friendly staff and good value, try lunch or dinner at  Sa Gripia.  It gets very busy in the summer so you’ll need to make a reservation.  Us locals usually wait until the off-season to go here when we can hang out with other locals.  In the winter they have pinchos (tapas for 1 euro each) night at the bar every Thursday.  They usually close for a month around  November sometime.
  2.  For an enchanting ambience, a glass of wine, cocktail and lunch or dinner, Cafe Parisien is a place where you will want to linger long!  The scent of the jasmine overhead in the garden makes your cold white wine extra pleasurable, especially on a hot summer night.  The front patio is an excellent place for people watching.  Located in the center of town, its also a good place for children.  Occasionally there is live music on the back terrace. We love that!
  3. The Hotel Forn Nou is where to want to go for fancier cuisine in an artful and cozy setting.  In the summer, you can reserve a seat on the rooftop terrace overlooking the Artá skyline.  This is where I take friends on those special occasions- great food and wine. The prices are a bit above average but not out-of-this-world-crazy.  Sometime its nice to treat yourself and this dining experience will not disappoint. In the wintertime, you can reserve the large table next to the kitchen under a glass ceiling downstairs surrounded by bottles of good Spanish and Mallorquin wines.  This is the restaurant that I discovered my favorite Spanish white wine Jose Pariente.
  4. The same owner of The Forn Nou, Toni, opened up Bistro Forn Nou just around the block from the hotel.  This has become our new meet-up place recently- beautifully decorated, great wine choices, and serves delicious tapas. Its located at the Plaza de S’aigua (water plaza) and was originally the center of Artá.
  5. Everybody loves Es Taronger (The Orange Tree)!  Firstly, Miguel, the owner and server is super nice and accommodating, speaks several languages and works very hard ( a trait I find very admirable).  The food, Spanish and Mallorquin classics is delicious. There is plenty the menu to choose from and the prices are very reasonable.  If you go for lunch you will be spoiled with the menu of the day, three courses for 10 euros, with a glass of wine! The portions are generous, you will leave full and happy indeed.
  6. The other place I like to go to with friends is La Mar de Vins (The sea of wine-great name!).  This is a small, artsy, family-run restaurant, Spanish Mediterranean fusion, there are great healthy and vegetarian options here.  There is a beautiful garden terrace out back, the service staff is very friendly.


Wait! I did forgot to include  a restaurant in La Colonia de Sant Pere here, which is officially an extension or Artá! If you are heading out there, try the Del Náutico, a great place for fresh fish, chiperones and a bottle of bubbly.  It is right on the water and has fantastically friendly wait staff!



I hope these recommendations are helpful! Please share and give feedback, or comment below!  Happy wining and dining!


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