Adopt a Snail! Name it in the honor of a loved-one.

There are a countless number of snails here in the far eastern part of Mallorca, Spain, also known as Mallorca Llevant.  The poor things are everywhere constantly searching for food and company, and all too often finding a terrible fate.  They are a delicacy here in Mallorca, as they are quite delicious, so every year thousands end up served in a hot bowl of  Arroz Brut, a savoured staple of Malloran cuisine.  Also, of course, I hate to mention, that awful crunch sound, that one can hear when walking up the driveway or on a bike or in a car- little moments dreadful of grief and guilt… TURNS OUT, THEY ARE ENDANGERED!  – A subspecies, Theba pisana arietina, from coastal habitats in Spain, is on the Red List as Endangeredpexels-photo-183333.jpeg

I’ve got so many here in my yard, and to be honest, they really are a pest. Always eating up my potted plants and bathing in my dog’s water bowl.  I realize I could put out salt or beer, feed them to the chickens, collect and sell them to restaurants– but all of those options seem down right mean-spirited.   Instead, I’ve decided to give them one last chance.

Introducing the Adopt a Mallorcan Garden Snail- Art and compassion project!

You can save a snail  by adopting one today.  Right now.

I think this is quite a nice gesture.  My mind just comes up with these brilliant concepts you see, usually first thing in the morning, like Albert Einstein and other brilliant minds. I am an artist, and when I get inspired, I must act. And today, I am inspired to do the good deed of giving long happy lives to these slimy shelled creatures that most people don’t even  care about.

So here is your opportunity to :

A)  Adopt a snail, placing it in a beautiful, safe garden. 

B) Be a part of an important art and compassion project.

C) Name a snail in honor of a friend or special someone.

D) Decorate  your snail.

I checked  the internet (so it must be true) to see how successful other adopt a snail programs have been in the past, and the success seems to be quite low.  It is my hope that  the art value will be extra incentive for compassionate hearts out there to participate.  Its certainly worth a try.  Someone has to give a voice and are for our tiny spirally-shelled slimy dawdlers out there in this great big dangerous world. So right now, you can officially adopt a precious garden snail.   Here is how:

 –For a one time payment of only 500 bucks, I will send you at least 2 pictures of your happy and well fed procrastinator. 

– You can give her or him or it whatever name  you want- (perhaps after a relative or dear departed friend?)

 –For only 25 bucks more*,  I will personally decorate your snail’s shell.  What do I mean by decorate?  What I mean is I will paint any sort of a tiny tattoo on its shell.  I can use any color you like and some glitter options are available (we can discuss this and please keep in mind that the options are limited to the snail’s well being). 

 –You will receive a a certificate of adoption, and a digital picture of your snail via email.

 -Snail mail option! (But of course!).  I will send you a photograph of your happy snail and your certificate by snail mail to you or to whomever you’ve dedicated it to.  (Expect up to 12 business days for international delivery).

The snail that you have chosen to adopt and love and give a long life to, will be placed in the best, safest part of the garden (usually near the artichoke and cabbage plants, some of their favourite foods).  There, they will be free to roam the garden and feed on nutritious plants and will be out of the way of traffic and human feet, where they all too often, sadly, get squashed.

So please. Help put a snail out of harms way today, as well as an artist at work.   You can be a part of a compassionate and fun art project. Dedicate and name a snail in honor of someone special now.  

There is now an officail limit on how many snails you can adopt.  Please keep in mind that work is not as easy as one might tend to think.   Snails tend to live 2-10 years*,  and love their freedom. Like artists, they need space and  to carry on at their own pace.

*1- The prices for decorating is subject to change, and will include the artists mark, signature, or initials.
*If and when your snail should decease,  it is possible to send you its shell, considering proper logistics – this is only done when you opt for shell decor. 


Click below to adopt your own dilly-dallyer now.


Adopt a Garden Snail- art and compassion project

Adopt a Mallorcan garden snail (Theba pisana)...This lovely snail will be marked, monitored, and set free in the best part of the garden. You will receive a certificate of adoption and a photo of your snail via email.



Adopt and Name a Mallorcan Garden Snail-Art and compassion project

Adopt, name, and decorate a garden snail (Theba pisana). This lovely, snail will be named and decorated by yours truly and set free in the best part of the garden, monitored and loved. You will receive a certificate of adoption and a photo of your snail via email.



Adopt a Mallorca garden snail- Snail-mail option

Adopt, name, decorate garden snail (Theba pisana). This lovely snail will be named and decorated by yours truly and set free in the best part of the garden, monitored and loved. You will receive a certificate of adoption and a photo of your snail via snail-mail and email.



Adopt a Mallorca garden snail and get a great bottle of Mallorcan Wine – Snail-mail option

This is the same option as option 3, but includes a bottle of quality Mallorcan wine. You can choose, red, white or rosé.


You can also opt to do nothing and let these spirally shelly souls and us hungry non-snail-eating artist fend for their/ourselves.  They might end up on the dinner table of a Mallorcan restaurant. That being said…  If you should decide to try some someday, I recommend pairing them with an aged, sturdy, full bodied red wine, such as is made from a local Montenegro or Callet grape variety native to the island.

I use old wine corks as mulch for my plants……look at these guys trying to blend in with the corks! Pfff!

Please Share this with your snail loving friends (we all have one!)


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