Dalai Lama Smile, Original art by yours truly!

dalailama.jpgSo I’m trying out this online store thing.  I’m quite skeptical but I figure it cannot hurt to try.  I want to get my art out into the world and I want more time to create art.

So I am using a Shopify store and an app called Printful to upload pictures of my artwork onto items like T-shirts and pillowcases.

Here is my attempt to now link my shop to my blog and an opportunity for you to purchase a T-shirt with a print of my Dalai Lama Smile painting.

Well I cannot add a button but here is a link:



I hope you love it and wear it with love (if you buy it)!

If you have any questions for me about how this blog/ online shop/ getting my artwork out into the world thing is going please do ask in the comments section below!




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