Perfect Chicken Soup

The story is:

I knew I was getting sick- I had chills, was feeling weak, and it was my turn, it seemed like a everyone else around me had fallen ill but me.  I live alone and I don’t like being a burden to my friends so this was my game plan:  Make soup, get in bed, binge watch Netflix, sleep, and get lots of fluids (Yes Momma, Im doing all the right things! I wish you were here to too.).  

The plan worked! I was better the next day!  The soup made me feel strong immediately and so, I make it every winter and keep extra in the freezer for convenience. It has been my savior on New Years Day whilst nursing a hangover and I make it for friends who also live alone to deliver when they are sick.

Its so simple. No bone picking. Homemade with love, this will cure anything from a hangover to a bad mood, possibly even a broken heart. Really, its that good.



Organic ingredients:

1 half chicken breast, sliced

a couple handfuls of wild rice

2 carrots

1 large leak

1 onion

3 celery stalks

2 bay leaves

5 juniper berries

a pinch of red chili flakes

1 garlic clove cut in 4

sea salt

fresh ground black pepper

olive oil



Boil a big pot of water and while you are waiting for it to boil cut up the veggies and chicken breast and put each in as you go, in any order you please.  Then add  in the salt, pepper and spices. Keep the rice aside for now.  Once its come to a boil turn the heat down to simmer and add in a few tablespoons of olive oil.  Simmer slowly for at least an hour.  When the chunks of chicken are tender enough you can use a fork to shred each one into smaller bits.   Add in a couple handfuls of rice about 20 minutes before you want to eat it.

Like all soups, its better the next day.





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