Chilled Chocolate Soup—EASY!

fullsizeoutput_4I am really so very happy to share with you my  Chilled Chocolate Soup Recipe.  Its simple, light on the sugar and satiates any appetence for a dessert bearing the beloved cacao.   I know I need not go on about the sacredness of chocolate, for if thou art a chocolate lover, than thou understands.  I created this recipe out of 1/2 sheer necessity and 1/2 obliged passion.

I recommend finding some dainty little bowls and spoons in which to serve it in.  Even if its only for you, it makes the experience extra fun, like these little Danish dishes! 20170407_211124

I also suggest making variations.  I will provide the basic recipe and leave a couple suggestions on variations but I encourage you  to have a heyday when its your turn to make it….. let your creativity loose and enjoy alone or serve and impress you guests!  And please share your inspirations in the comments section below! I love feedback and I also get inspired from others little twists and tips!


100% Cacao powder

Unbleached or raw sugar

Almond or Oat milk (any milk will do really)

Plain Greek or Artisenal Yogurt  (I use a locally made sheep yogurt made here in Mallorca but you can find what works best for you.)

To Make:

Warm up  a 3/4 cup of milk and whisk in the powdered cacao and sugar to taste.  Do not boil.   When it becomes smooth and a bit foamy, remove from heat.

Add in 3/4 cups of yogurt, whisk until smooth.

Poor into cute little bows and chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Garnish and serve!


  1. Replace sugar with lavender syrup to make this recipe extra decadent! (recipe coming soon!)
  2. Add in a touch of cayenne pepper and cinnamon whilst whisking to give this soup an extra kick, and even consider serving warm during cold winter nights.
  3. Coffee liqueur or brandy?   Just an idea.

I really hope you enjoy it and again, please, share your thoughts!

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