Freyé, Rosé 2016, D.O. Penedes, Catalonia

Vino Rosado DO Penedes – D.V. Masia Freyé Syrah/Sumoll 0,75L 2016

Freyé D.O     Tis the season of pink wine and lingering sunshiny lunches!

     Personally, I am a very difficult person to impress when it comes to pink wines. 

More often than not they are too sweet and way overboard on fruitiness, strawberry usually, to the point you feel like a child drinking a red lollipop. Egh.

And more often than not, I stay away from them, because there is almost always a much better choice white wine as an option.  One with a crisp, floral, balanced fruitiness.

However, this is the beginning spring, and for some reason it feels like the the romantic thing to do to drink a nice glass of rosé.  And since I am a romantic at heart,  I shall indulge and seek out the best pink wines to be found and report the worthiest suiters for our parties.

The short story of discovering this bottle of Freyé comes from Easter Day lunch at my friend’s country cottage on her patio in Mallorca.  Apart from myself and one Dane, everyone at the table was British (good fun those Brits).  We are all expats who live on the island, and the custom among us is that everyone brings a bottle of wine-  but isn’t that the custom everywhere?  It certainly should be.

I didn’t bring the Freyé to the party, (I had brought a bottle of white of course), but I was eager to try it because I am familiar with the both the red and white wines from this particular winery (in Spain a winery is called a Bodega).  And because I am determined to determine the decent rosé wines this year,  I gracefully accepted a pour from this open bottle.

Upon first sip I was delighted! So then the rational thing to do was to take a second sip, a bit bigger this time, and let it sit on the pallet a few seconds to really take in the flavor.  Across the table from me was the infamous, world renowned women’s contemporary fiction writer Laura Lockington, (#LauraLockington), and I could see at a glance that she shared my delight about the newly opened rosé because both of our eyes widened and we giggled an “mmmmm”, in unison.

At this point the dialog at the table started on the topic of rosé wines and was I found it really funny actually because everyone has their opinions, and the British especially love to share theirs.  Everyone had a taste, just curious to see what flavors would be discovered.  Everyone’s pallet is different.  Some of us had flavors in common.   I heard, “raspberry”, “spicy”, “strawberry” “melon”.

Were a few of them a bit annoyed when I popped up from the table with the bottle and took it over to a suitable place to take the photo above?  “What a  rather bizarre American girl” they might have been saying to each other with their eyes.  But its true, so be it.  I did tell them I intended to blog about it, and maybe that impressed them a bit.

It was a lovely Easter lunch and I am happy this wine made it to the table.

So here is my review of this wine:

I tasted  watermelon, cucumber, slight kiwi/strawberry,  a hint of kaffir lime, and do I recall a floral note in there? Yes, Roses. The flavors and body were balanced and thorough. 

The grape variety is Syrah and Sumoll, rendering this wine a cool sunset sky pink.

     Spanish tidbit: Rosé, in spanish, is rosado.

It is a fun wine to taste, and delightful to drink.

Our hostess served a lovely tender pork loin wrapped in bacon with mushroom sauce, and this wine complimented it perfectly.

I think it would go well with any savory and even some spicy dished.

Another nice thing about this wine is the value! It is not expensive.  Here in Mallorca at the shop we pay about 8 euros for a bottle.  Below is a link to purchase via amazon.  How fun would it be to get a case of that in the mail?!   #notsponseredprobablybutshouldbe

Please, taste this pink wine, or if you already have tasted it yourself, leave a comment below—-what flavors do you get?  Do you like it as much as I do?

Cheers and Happy Pink Wine season!
Vino Rosado DO Penedes – D.V. Masia Freyé Syrah/Sumoll 0,75L 2016


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