Yakima Valley Red Table Wine

 Kamiakin 2014, Dineen Family Vineyards

Hey, we are friendly here in Yakima, Washington, too!  And we got wine up and down one of the largest agricultural regions in the entire United States.  We grow thousands of acres of grapes, not to mention apples!  And oh, the hops!  We provide 75 percent of the world’s hops, so people all over the world can go beer tasting too.
When my expat daughter, Kristy, came to visit Washington over the Thanksgiving holiday, we grabbed my coworker friend, Jennifer, who grew up in the Yakima Valley, and the three of us hit nearly 10 wineries.   From the six bottles I excitedly bought that day, I have about five left in my cellar (well, it’s a tiny cellar).   I tried to open a bottle in January, but the wine opener got stuck in the cork, and I can’t get it to move up or down, so I just left it.  It still sits on my kitchen counter–opener and all.   Every once in a while I pass by it and tug, pull, and twist again, but no luck yet.  I’ve been whining a lot, too.

I am not the connoissuer that Kristy is, but I can tell you this wine is from Dineen Family Vineyards, just outside Zillah, Washington.   I remember stopping there that fine Black Friday.  They were closing, but allowed us one or two tastings and stamped our “wine passport”.   They have beautiful grounds and a great patio where they bake pizza outside in a wood-fired oven. And, they use local produce in their recipes.   There were happy people eating and drinking around a huge table as we left with my bottle of Yakima Valley Red.  Under the Kamiakin 2014 label, it’s their proprietary blend of red table wine, and one I knew perfect for my simple tastes.

Vivino.com connoisseur review….“A nice honeysuckle nose with pears and peaches on the palate. Some minerality.  A touch sweet, but solid wine. “
Motherwhine suggested pairing…..”this wine would pair nicely with Chocolate…..Is minerality even a Word?”

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