SPAIN: Police Raid Europe’s Largest Turtle Farm In Mallorca, Shut It Down — Tourism Observer

Spanish authorities have dismantled the facility, which contained 1,100 animals and 14 of the 50 most endangered turtle species. Spanish Civil Guard has just shut down what it calls the largest illegal turtle hatchery in Europe, on the island of Mallorca. According to police the farm contained 1,110 turtles and tortoises. This haul included 14 […]... Continue Reading →


Pajitas de papel para Mallorca 2018!

Atención Restaurantes y bares en Mallorca! ¡Esta temporada turística ha comenzado y este año intentemos hacer las cosas de manera diferente! Más amable con el medio ambiente, por ejemplo! Hace poco tuve una conversación con el dueño de un restaurante en Santa Catalina sobre su problema con la paja de plástico. Sí, es una problema.... Continue Reading →

A BLOOMing Economy

Dear Beloved World,     Please, let’s stop measuring the quality of life with the yardstick of economic growth!  We as nations states around the world have been doing this as a group for too long and it is not working.  It is impeding our judgements and our abilities to implement the solutions necessary to morph our... Continue Reading →

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