The Yank & The Limey Podcast

Can’t Be Arsed. The Yank & The Limey

SURELY SHAW sounds nothing like SHORE.  Interview with crime writer, William Sha. Insomnia again (boo), but for buying 99p book bargains. This week was Heatstroke by  Hazel Barkworth, which is a wonderful read. DARK, the German Netflix series is intriguing… Sending huge love to California in these dangerous fire-ridden times. And, can you Adam and Eve it, The Yank thought the expression was Í can’t be ASKED’ oh how we laughed by in reality we just can’t be ARSED. OMG. Support the show (
  1. Can’t Be Arsed.
  2. Crime, Spaceships, and Snails.
  3. Little Joys
  4. Grumpy. Hangry. Read. Sip.
  5. Good Wine Cures Extreme Wokeism

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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